Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Universe conspires to GTD

I am excited! Life does that, it excites me with all of its wonderful little mysteries and coincidences.

I mentioned in one of my first posts that I was introduced to "Getting Things Done" by a friend. Well, this friend is not a person I see all that often. In fact, he is a customer at the diner where I work part time. So really, I only ever see him when he has a hankerin' for some good old fashioned home fries - or black beans, yes John, I know you prefer black beans :)

At any rate, that same friend came in to the diner today and after sharing with him how much I have benefited from the introduction to GTD, we talked a little about our struggles. Motivation to do it alone: neither one of us has it. SOOOOOO John suggested we...da da da da!!!!! HELP EACH OTHER! Brilliant!

So I asked that we start with his office because I am dying, just dying to go through this process as a facilitator. I really think I have a pretty good understanding of the process. We shall see, right? We are, after all, the blind leading the blind. But the cool thing about this is that we both know that we're blind. In this, it's all an experiment to see if we can actually set each other up to get things done!

I sometimes just marvel at how wonderful the Universe is at working things out. After all, I could have never thought of such a plan. And yet I was craving, absolutely craving the opportunity to give this methodology a try, to facilitate the process with and for someone else. How cool is this?!

Next action: Email John re: date for first GTD office assessment.

Signing off.

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