Friday, August 6, 2010

Networking Magic

Last night I hosted a networking event for 15 local business owners at the Curious Palate (yum!). It was a wonderful event and a nice exercise in organization (albeit event organization, not space organization).

The thing that is most wonderful about person to person networking is...well...the fact that it is person to person. There is something magical about hearing someone talk about their business: To see them light up when sharing, to hear little anecdotes about how the business began, to hear what was learned in the process of growing the business, and especially to hear the business owner speak about their vision for the future of their business. One cannot help but want to help the business owner after that and that is what is magical.

I am sold on the idea that no business is an island. The strongest businesses are run by people who have a strong network of trusted people. I feel so fortunate to be making and maintaining these connections. I believe these are the connections that will benefit all in the long run.

A big "yes" to networking!