Monday, July 12, 2010

Out of the Closet!

As a result of 5 (count 'em 5) shots of espresso yesterday, I finally mustered up some motivation to look at my skeletons in the closet. Here they are:
<------ <--------- <--- <----- If I could make these arrows go vertical, I'd show you some more of the mess. But you get the picture (he! he!). In short, the professional organizer is not always so organized herself. And what we have here in this picture are (according to Mr. Allen) PROJECTS (anything requiring more than one action step). In this closet we have old journals (to be read, discarded, burned, who knows?), piles and piles of C.D.s (Do I import them? Use them as coasters? Frisbees perhaps?), photos (Oh! I really don't want to have to learn how to scrapbook, though I do have an appreciation for the art), memorabilia (My ex-boyfriends wrote the nicest letters) and art and craft supplies. There is work to be done here. And I have known it. And it has weighed on my psyche for a while now. But without "capturing" these items, they have always just been there swimming around in the back of my mind, only to surface whenever I opened my closet door.

Now, however, they have been captured on my projects list. I am not saying I am going to make any move on them anytime soon. But they are there ;)
And...I did tidy up the closet a bit too last night as I was waiting for my overly-caffeinated nervous system to allow me to finally get tired.

I also found myself very grateful for being (somewhat) organized. I think if the rest of my apartment was a disaster, I would find the Getting Things Done idea too overwhelming (at least to do alone without the help of one of David Allen's helpers...or even...David Allen himself! Oh! That is too much to dream!). I may not be working at a "mind like water" level, but I am getting a less ripply mind using some of the tools of the GTD methodology. That is a good thing!

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