Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last night I went to a Professional Organizer's networking event/lecture. The topic was "Time Management" and the presenter was incredibly lovable. She gave us tips on how to prioritize, how to create to-do lists, how to find short-cuts and streamline our businesses and how to dream big. All wonderful things and I listened to what she had to share because she is a successful person in our industry.

At the same time, the message of "Prioritize" and "To-do's" is anti-GTD. And I realized the true freedom of working with the GTD methodology. It's like it all begins to sink in, what David Allen says. To-do lists DON'T work. I mean, they do work in the sense that they point to the things we hope to accomplish. But, they are also, by their very nature, set-ups for failure. Life happens in the span of time. And that means interruptions, unexpected/unforeseeable events, human foibles, fatigue and all the other factors that can crop up on any given day. The "To-Do" list doesn't save us from those things. Prioritizing doesn't save us from those things. They ARE a part of life and must be accounted for in our quest to get things done.

I like the fact that GTD is sinking in more. It makes it all the more uncomfortable, not having the system fully in place. But even that is good - it makes the hunger for it stronger too. I am convinced, pretty absolutely, that David Allen has hit upon the truth of human activity in our daily life. He really is on to something...

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