Friday, June 18, 2010

GTD Date...It's on the calendar and everything!

Okay, I've made the commitment: On July 1st and 2nd 2010 I will be...collecting and processing. That's right, the first two steps in the five step process of GTD, collecting and processing. Two consecutive days. Back to back. Collecting. Then processing. It's a little daunting from this vantage point, spending about 16 hours with myself and my stuff but I think it's a worth while investment. In fact, I see it as a necessary investment.

As of recent I have been exploring some really cool things. Like business networking. Oooohhhh Ahhhh. It doesn't sound as much fun as it really is. This week I went to a Green Networking event and met some really groovy people doing some really groovy things - both in the marketplace and for the environment. It was inspiring. And I began to see what networking is all about - the natural desire to help out others who believe in what they are doing. The human instinct to support each other and to make good things happen for each other. Networking is quite beautiful.

So, this is why I see the time investment of July 1st and 2nd very necessary: Because I want to grow and have new projects in the works (like building my business network). I don't want to start any new endeavors without having clarity first of all the commitments I have already made (collection) and a clear road map (which begins in the processing portion) to show me where I am going and what I am doing next.

So now, we have a date. It's you and me GTD. July 1st and 2nd. I can hardly wait.

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