Monday, May 24, 2010

GTD Chapter 1

I am listening to the audio version of "Getting Things Done".
Why I was inspired to download the book instead of buy it, I don't know. In part I guess it's because I didn't want one more book on my shelf unless I knew it was going to be a keeper.

Thank God for Amazon's

This weekend I listened to Chapter 1 and I was convinced. Really convinced that Mr. Allen is on to something. He outlined the problem that most of us have as productive members of society: We have a lot of things in our lives (tasks, items, ambitions, commitments, "should do's" "would like to do one day's" and the like) and we have no way to compartmentalize those actions in our human brain. Our human brain just kind of freaks out by all it has to face on its own, with its limited resources (Mental focus kind of juices that brain for all it's worth) and its inability to effectively process all that we humans want and need to get done.

I do believe in my heart of hearts that that is the nature of the problem, a brain that is doing work that it is not able to handle. My brain. And maybe yours too?

David Allen talks about focus and my heart kind of soars. I want focus. I really do want presence for each task I face. Not because I want to become some kind of output machine. But because to focus on life makes me feel alive. I experience life when I am focused and present.

The thing that takes me out of my life the quickest: a semi-militant brain that says "Do more! Do this! You should have done that! Did you forget to do that? When are you going to get to that?" And on and on.

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