Monday, May 31, 2010

GTD Project Planning is Amazing!!!


I am on fire today with GTD methodology. Yesterday I listened to Chapter 3 of GTD - all about Project Planning. Mr. Allen offers some questions to consider when doing project planning. These are:
1. What is your primary purpose? Why are you doing this project?
2. What are the standards and behaviors to adhere to in order to make this project successful?
3. Envision success in this project: What are the desired outcomes (financial, reputation etc)? What innovative things might happen if you achieve success in your project?
4. Brainstorm: Put all your ideas on the table, map them out
5. Is there anything that might effect your desired outcome?
6. What are your mission-critical components?
7. What are your key milestones
8. What are your deliverables?
9. What are all the things you can do NOW (next actions and name person responsible for each action)

Today, I decided to answer those questions for myself, beginning with: Why am I attempting to learn the GTD methodology? I answered that question and all of the rest of the questions listed above. AND!!! I even did a little mind-mapping (see picture).

And you know what I got? Clarity! Inspiration! Direction! Possibilities! It was incredibly inspiring.

Now, do you want to know what my answer was to why I am attempting this? Because I think it's going to help A LOT of people. I think by my learning, implementing, and practicing this approach I will be able to be of enormous service to my clients. I think it's going to enable me to help my clients free themselves from the shackles of their Task-Master mind. And, of course, I think it's going to free me from the same. In's already beginning to work!

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